Love You Little One Daycare

Welcome to Tatatoo Day Care. I am a Professional Child care provider in my home, and a Sunday School teacher. I have over 9 years experience working with infants & toddlers . I have undergone training in CPR, First Aid, as well as MAT. I am a Montessori Directress although our daycare is not fully Montessori.

The word TATATOO was one I 'created' when my daughter and niece were just over a year and everytime I said 'I love you' they would say 'I'm fine'. I then realized that they were confusing 'I love you' with 'How are you', I then came up with the word tatatoo and this has stuck round my

To tell you a bit about myself, my name is Kimberly Jackson, I am married to Allen and we have 2 children, Iryne & Evan. I chose to do day care because of my love for children, staying home with my own children is an added bonus.

This is a home day care and we have a family setting. I believe in running a controlled & safe environment and am proud of the fact that children love coming to my house and complain when it's time to go home even when they have been here all day. We have a 'home away from home' setting and we have a small group so I can offer quality individualized care. My focus is to teach children life skills such as respecting others, sharing, polite manners, responsibility, anger control & problem management.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 

7:30am to 5pm


  • Federal Holidays
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • 3 days around Christmas
  • New Years Day